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Welcome to Roy Hunter's Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy website! Whether you are seeking clinical hypnotherapists, self-hypnosis training, or whether you are a professional seeking hypnosis training, you can BENEFIT from my many years of professional hypnosis experience dating back to 1983. (I’ve been where you are!) My work is based on the work of Charles Tebbetts, who taught client-centered hypnosis and hypnotherapy – and who asked me to continue his work before his passing in 1992. Learn client centered hypnosis, find information about hypnotherapy and training in advanced techniques...or simply look at the Roy Hunter hypnosis products.

Does hypnosis work? Hypnotherapy has the following benefits: stress management, quit smoking hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis, and hypnosis to overcome undesired habits. My services in Milton, WA (near Tacoma, south of Seattle) involve much more than the one-session quick-fix programs that often provide only temporary results. Several sessions, depending on your goal, are usually necessary for lasting results.

Please take a look through the various articles on my website for more information...some are by guest authors. Contact me today at (253) 927-8888 to book an appointment or a free consultation at my office in Milton, Washington...or a telephone consultation. If you seek training, look at my training calendar. Note the announcement about CE approval for certain workshops. Also note the acceptance of my stress management program by on my self-help page.

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