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Recommended Hypnosis Books
(Formerly part of hypnosis FAQ)

The following are some suggested readings on hypnosis that come highly recommended by others in the profession. This is only a PARTIAL list, which includes those books formerly listed on Paul Bunnel's Resource Guide...and updated by other books that come highly recommended. Some books formerly listed on the Resource Guide are either no longer in print or not available through Amazon.com, thus are not included in the list below. NOTE: My parts therapy book from Crown House Publishing may now be ordered online!

*Paul Bunnel's outdated Resource Guide will no longer be posted at this website, nor on the newsgroup. The portion of his excellent guide that recommended hypnosis books is now posted here. Other links to hypnosis associations, learning centers, hypnotherapists and stage hypnotists are at: http://www.royhunter.com/hyplinks.htm - which is subdivided into several webpages.

For the beginner and/or the curious:

The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques
by C. Roy Hunter, ©1994, ©2000, 3rd Ed. (Crown House Publishing) ©2010. Many professionals have praised this beginner's text, which was written by the webmaster of this site. It has been called: "A more modern, friendlier approach to learning the basics of hypnosis." Click here for a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of this book.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis
by Roberta Temes, Ph.D., Alpha Books, ©2000. Paperback.
This may very well be the BEST book ever written for the consumer who wishes to consider professional hypnosis or hypnotherapy as a modality for health care or self-improvement! The reader will be empowered to make an informed choice before investing in a hypnotherapist.

Healing is Remembering Who You Are; A Guide for Healing Your Mind, Your Emotions, and Your Life
Marilyn Gordon / Paperback / Published 1995
This book comes highly recommended for anyone interested in using self-hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy for self-help.

Hypnotism and Meditation
by Ormond McGill; Westwood Publishing

Life by Design : Your Handbook for Transformational Living
by Kevin Hogan, Ph.D., Network 3000 ©1995
This is an excellent beginner's handbook for empowering the reader to make decisions, and got a 5-star review at Amazon Books. A reader stated, "I worked through the many exercises and a visualization technique called "Image-Creation". This process 'imprints' on your mind those things that you want your life to be."

Love, Medicine and Miracles : Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience With Exceptional Patients
by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., Harperperennial Library, 1990
Ann Landers said, "Run, don't walk, to the nearest bookstore and get this amazing book that explains how you can 'think' yourself sick or well...Every family should have a copy. It can be a lifesaver." This PROFOUNDLY important book may be a Godsend to some people suffering from a major disease! This book was used as reference in The Art of Hypnosis.

Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis, 2nd Ed.
by C. Roy Hunter, M.S., ©2011, Crown House Publishing
This is a self-hypnosis handbook, with numerous applications and a variety of techniques for various goals. Have you ever attempted self-hypnosis without success? Perhaps one of the numerous techniques in this book will work!

The Psychology of Persuasion : How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking
by Kevin Hogan, Ph.D., Pelican Publishing Co., ©1996
Using techniques from hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, the Bible, and the greatest salespeople in history, Kevin Hogan teaches you the skills of persuasion. This knowledge will empower readers to improve many aspects of their lives. It is practical, sensible, workable, and totally accessible to the non-specialist general reader.

Self-Hypnosis and Other Mind Expanding Techniques
by Charles Tebbetts Paperback Published by Westwood Pub Co Publication date: June 1977
A former member of British Parliament praised this as one of the best books ever written on the topic of self-hypnosis.

SELF-HYPNOSIS: The Complete Manual For Health And Self-Change
Brian Alman, Peter Lambrou; Brunner Mazel 

The Wizard Within: The Krasner Method of Clinical Hypnotherapy
by Dr. A.M. Krasner, American Board of Hypnotherapy Press, ©1991.
This is a good basic introduction to hypnosis with a few parts on simple therapy. It is easy to read.

Through the Looking Glass: American Artists of Professional Hypnosis, 1900-2012
by C. Roy Hunter, Alliance Publishing, 2013. This book takes a look at the professional artists of hypnosis who contributed to the growth of hypnotherapy as a separate profession in North America from 1900-2012. It is available at:

For the Professional and/or the Serious Learner:

Note: The books by Milton Erickson, or emphasizing his teachings, are preceded with a red DOUBLE asterisk (**) so that you may easily spot them. 

A History of Hypnotism
by Alan Gauld, Cambridge University Press, ©1994. This 700+ page academic textbook is a very thorough presentation on the history of hypnosis.

Analytical Hypnotherapy : Principles and Practice
by E. A. Barnett / Hardcover / Published 1981.

The Answer Within: A Clinical Framework of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
by Stephen R. Lankton, Carol A. Lankton, Hardcover / Published 1983

The Art of Hypnotherapy, 4th Edition
by C. Roy Hunter / Paperback ©2010 (Crown House Publishing). Many professionals have praised this advanced text, which was written by the webmaster of this site. It has been called: "the Bible of hypnosis" by several professionals, and is considered a "must read" by many seasoned veterans of hypnotherapy. Click here for a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of this book.

The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy: A Clinical Guide
by C. Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer, PhD / Paperback ©2012 (Crown House Publishing). This book has received outstanding reviews from physicians, psychologists, and hypnotherapists both in the USA and abroad.

Client-Centered Hypnotherapy
by R.D. Longacre / Paperback / Kendall/Hunt, Published 1995

Clinical Practice of Hypnotherapy (Guilford Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis Series)
by M. Erik Wright, Beatrice A. Wright / Hardcover / Published 1987

Ego States Therapy
by Gordon Emmerson, Crown House Publishing, 2003
This is one of the most outstanding books ever written on one of the variations of parts therapy. It is now required reading for Roy Hunter’s students, and is available on my website.

Essentials of Hypnosis (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles into Practice, Vol 4)
by Michael D. Yapko / Paperback / Published 1994. Some hypnosis instructors consider this book to be required reading.

**Experiencing Hypnosis : Therapeutic Approaches to Altered States (Book and Cassettes) by Milton H. Erickson / Hardcover (Irvington Publishing, 1981). This book was used as reference in The Art of Hypnosis.

**The February Man : Evolving Consciousness and Identity in Hypnotherapy
Milton H. Erickson, Ernest Lawrence Rossi / Hardcover / Published 1989

Frogs into PRINCES: Neuro-Linguistic Programming
by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Real People Press, ©1979. This is perhaps the best starting book for those wishing to gain an understanding about basic NLP concepts. (NLP = Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors
edited by Dr. D. Corydon Hammond, Norton & Company.
This large and technical reference manual is a collection of metaphors and scripts contributed by various professionals for handling disorders or mental problems during hypnotherapy. This is recommended only for the professional.

Healing the Divided Self : Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Post-Traumatic and Dissociative Conditions (Norton Professional Book)
by Maggie Phillips, Claire Frederick / Paperback / Published 1995

Hypnosis in the Relief of Pain
by Ernest R. Hilgard, Josephine R. Hilgard / Paperback / Published 1994

**Healing in Hypnosis : The Seminars, Workshops, and Lectures of Milton H. Erickson Vol 1 
by Milton H. Erickson / Hardcover / Published 1984

Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy
by Roy Hunter, Crown House Publishing, 2005
Many hypnosis schools around the world are already requiring their students to purchase this book, and some professionals have stated that this book sets the standard for this technique. Parts therapy is explored in-depth, with a step-by-step process presented in an understandable way. For details, click here.

Hypnosis: The Application of Ideomotor Techniques
by David B. Cheek, M.D.

Hypnosis : The Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective
by Nicholas P. Spanos (Editor), John F. Chaves (Editor), Promotheus Books, 1989. This book was used as reference in The Art of Hypnosis

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional
by Calvin D. Banyan, Gerald F. Kein, 2001. Professional techniques and procedures for doing outstanding hypnotherapy using direct suggestion, convincers, covert testing, age regression and more.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy With Children
by Karen Olness, Daniel P. Kohen / Hardcover / Published 1996

Hypnosis for the Seriously Curious
by Kenneth S. Bower, Published by W.W. Norton & Company, ©1976.
This takes a very interesting scientific approach of the studies and research in hypnosis, hypnotic phenomena, suggestibility, and the nature of hypnosis. This tells you ABOUT hypnosis, but does not teach you how to do it.

Hypnosis Induction Technics
by Myron Teitelbaum / Paperback Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd Publication date: June 1980. This is a good intermediate book for the student of hypnosis. Besides presenting numerous techniques, this book discusses the "hypnotic seal" which a few doctors and psychologists have (unwisely) planted into the subconscious minds of some of their patients in order to prevent others from hypnotizing their patients. While somewhat dated, it is a classic. This book was used as reference in The Art of Hypnosis.

by Dave Elman / Hardcover / Published 1984. This book is a MUST READ for both the professional hypnotherapist as well as anyone who plans on using hypnosis professionally! This book was used as reference in The Art of Hypnosis. It was also required reading for the students of Charles Tebbetts for many years. It is now available directly from the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute:

**Hypnotherapy : An Exploratory Casebook/Book and Audio Cassette
Milton H. Erickson, Ernest L. Rossi / Hardcover / Published 1980

Hypnotherapy Handbook: Hypnosis and Mindbody Healing in the 21st Century
by Kevin L. Hogan, Ph.D. (Paperback - 400 pages, 1st edition, 1999). This latest book from Dr. Hogan may very well become required reading at many hypnosis schools.

Hypnotherapy of Pain : In Children With Cancer
by Josephine R. Hilgard / Hardcover / Published 1984

**Hypnotic Investigation of Psychodynamic Processes: The Collected Papers of Milton H. Erickson  by Milton H. Erickson Hardcover Published by Irvington Pub Publication date: 1980. This book was used as reference in The Art of Hypnosis.

**Hypnotic Realities : The Induction of Clinical Hypnosis and Forms of Indirect Suggestion /Book and Cassette
by Milton H. Erickson. Hardcover, published by Irvington Pub Publication date: June 1976. This book ranks among the best of those about the work of Milton Erickson.

Kissing Frogs : The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy
by Paul G. Durbin / Paperback / Published 1995. This is a practical book, easy-to-read, written by an ordained minister who uses hypnosis and hypnotherapy with patients in a hospital.

**Life Reframing in Hypnosis (Seminars, Workshops, and Lectures of Milton H. Erickson, Vol 2) - (Hardcover book and cassette) Vol 2
by Milton H. Erickson, et al / Audio Cassette / Published 1992

Mind Probe-Hypnosis
by Irene Hickman Hardcover Published by Hickman Systems Pub Publication date: 1983

Pratice of Hypnotism
by Andre M. Weitzenhoffer (John Wiley and Sons, 1989). This is a comprehensive and professional 2-volume set, over 800 pages.

The Professional Hypnotism Manual: Introducing Physical and Emotional Suggestibility and Sexuality

by John G. Kappas. Paperback (June 1999)

The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing : New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis
by Ernest Lawrence Rossi / Hardcover / Published 1993

Reframing: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning
by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Real People Press, ©1982. This is basic reading for anyone interested in NLP.

Regression Hypnotherapy: Transcripts of Transformations
by Randal Churchill, Transforming Press, ©2002. This is an outstanding book on regression therapy.

**Solution-Oriented Hypnosis : An Eriksonian-Approach
by William Hudson O'Hanlon, Michael Martin / Hardcover / Published 1992

The Symptom Path to Enlightenment : The New Dynamics of Self-Organization in Hypnotherapy : An Advanced Manual for Beginners
by Ernest L. Rossi / Paperback / Published 1996

**Therapeutic Trances: The Cooperation Principle in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
by Stephen G. Gilligan, Brunner/Mazel, Inc., New York, ©1987. A fairly complex yet thorough book on Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, recommended by many students of the late Milton Erickson.

Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality
by Tad James, Wyatt Woodsmall / Paperback / Published 1988
I recommend this book for every hypnotherapist who is trained in regression therapy.

Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down
by Kevin L. Hogan, Ph.D., Network 3000 Publishing, ©1998
The author himself was a former tinnitus patient, who gained an inner silence after 2 1/2 years of active therapy. He now specializes in helping others who suffer from this bothersome inner noise.

Trance on Trial (Guilford Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis Series)
by Alan W. Scheflin, Jerrold Lee Shapiro Hardcover Published by Guilford Pr Publication date: June 1989. Anyone wishing to use hypnosis to remember details for testimony in court needs to read this book first!

Trance-Formations: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis
by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Real People Press, ©1981. This book is set up as a type of transcript from their seminars allowing you to feel as though your right there with them. It is one of the most highly recommended NLP books on the market.

Trancework : An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis
by Michael D. Yapko / Hardcover /1990

Transforming Therapy a New Approach to Hypnotherapy
by Gil Boyne / Hardcover / Published 1989 by Westwood Publishing, recommended highly by A.C.H.E.-approved hypnosis instructors and other instructors alike.

**The Wisdom of Milton H. Erickson : Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Vol 1
by Ronald A. Havens, Milton H. Erickson / Paperback / Published 1996 

For stage hypnotism:

The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism
by Ormond McGill, The Anglo American Book Company Ltd., ©1996. This 600+ page book is perhaps the most comprehensive book written on stage hypnosis, and is excellent for those wanting to specifically learn stage hypnosis for entertainment or for professional shows. It includes solid basics about hypnosis, applications for stage shows, and lists numerous suggestions for use by the stage hypnotist. This seems to be an accumulation of all of Ormond McGill's past stage hypnosis books.

NOTE: If you are a professional hypnotherapist who wishes to add a book recommendation to this list, please e-mail Alliance Self-Empowerment (click here)

If you have any problems with your order, please contact Amazon.com directly.  

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