Terms of Service (TOS) for Practitioners of The World Directory of Hypnosis Practitioners (including NLP practitioners)

This represents an agreement between you, the hypnosis practitioner (“professional”), and Alliance Self-Empowerment, Inc., (doing business as royhunter.com); for a subscription (whether paid or unpaid) listing on the royhunter.com website for yearly or monthly time intervals, and/or to place content (written, images, audio, video) on the royhunter.com website henceforth called “The Service” or "services".

In the sign-up form, note that you do not have to complete all fields unless you choose to do so; but you must complete name, email, city, state and/or country. Choose a password in order to make updates on your listing when applicable. Duplicate entries will be deleted unless in separate geographical locations. In such event, you must choose a different password for each listing in order to avoid deletion of the duplicate entry.

Numerous SPAM listings for products/services not related to hypnotherapy made it necessary to verify websites before your listing will appear; so please be patient if it takes more than a day for your listing to appear  online. Also, IF YOU EXCEED the allotted number of characters in a field, your listing will be kicked out by the database program.

Also note that key words appear on each page of listings in order to help your ranking on Google for hypnosis in your state, province or country.

By posting your listing to the World Directory of Hypnosis Practitioners, you agree that:

  1. You are an active member in good standing with a recognized professional hypnosis association and/or NLP association with a code of ethics, or with an officially recognized body that regulates the profession of hypnotherapy, counseling and/or psychology, and/or your specific form of therapy in your geographical area, and that you use hypnosis and/or NLP to help people.
  2. If you are unlicensed, you affirm that you can legally practice professional hypnosis and/or NLP in your geographical location.
  3. If your listing is a free basic listing, you will provide a reciprocal link stating:
    “Roy Hunter’s Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis info, books, CD/DVD’s, training, and links to hypnotherapists: www.royhunter.com”  Premium Customers are exempt from this requirement. (See section for Premium Customers.)
  4. You carry current professional liability and/or malpractice insurance. If you do not, you may still be listed, but you agree to state “no insurance” in your profile.
  5. You agree that your qualifications and membership credentials in a recognized professional hypnosis association are active, accurate and up to date. If there is any change to your credentials and qualifications you agree to immediately contact us to make the necessary changes in your listing. Customers that misrepresent themselves may be removed without notice, and without any reimbursement or refund if the listing is a Premium listing. 
  6. If you indicated training in parts therapy or ego state therapy, you affirm that you actually received such training, and you also agree to provide evidence of such training upon request to Alliance Self-Empowerment, Inc.
  7. Customers removed due to violations of these Terms of Service may be reinstated, if approved by royhunter.com; and Premium listings are subject to a US $50.00 fee to have the listing reinstated as a Premium listing. The subscription period will remain unchanged.
  8. You understand that www.hypnotherapylist.com is a directory only, providing information to the public. We are not an enforcement body and do not regulate the practice of any professional listed on our site. Our website is an advertisement for hypnotherapists and hypnotists, connecting them to clients. It will be promoted in a free ezine and occasionally mentioned in articles; and it is at that point that our involvement ends. Additional advertizing and promotion may appear in various ways in the future, increasing the value of your listing.
  9. You agree and accept any and all responsibility for any communication and business you conduct with clients, other hypnotherapists or hypnotists, counselors, and all others as a result of being listed at royhunter.com and release us from all liabilities herein. To protect you from spam, the emails will be routed through The Service; and afterwards said emails will be deleted at this end in order to protect the privacy of the USER.
  10. The Service can be terminated at any time by either party for any reason whatsoever. If Practioner wishes to be removed from royhunter.com, it will be done so (both the Practioner's listing(s) and biography) upon request by Pracitioner within a reasonable amount of time. It is Pracitioner’s responsibility to ensure notification of cancellation was received. If The Service is terminated by Practioner, he/she agrees that no refunds or reimbursements for unused time will be issued regardless of the length of time that has passed. To ensure the validity and mission of hypnotherapylist.com, we reserve the right to remove individuals listed without notice for any reason. Except in the case of misrepresentation, false credentials, submitting illegal content, or any other non-refundable condition as stated in this agreement, if royhunter.com or hypnotherapylist.com terminates the contract for paid Premium listings, you will receive a prorated refund according to completely unused months based on the day of payment. 
  11. You acknowledge that accuracy of the information in your listing is your responsibility. Neither royhunter.com nor hypnotherapylist.com will make changes and corrections to your information except in very unusual circumstances (at the discretion of The Service); you are expected to use the update link as provided for most changes.
  12. Payment for a Premium listing is made in advance for a one year period unless otherwise separately negotiated.  Annual subscription fees are subject to change. 
  13. All biographical content, and any other content submitted by Practioner for posting on hypnotherapylist.com are subject to approval. The Services may request changes be made to listing content if it deems that such content is contrary to hypnotherapylist.com or royhunter.com's overall mission, scope, and theme.
  14. Use of profanity, derogatory terminology, harassment, or language that is in opposition to our values in profiles is prohibited and royhunter.com and/or its staff reserves the right to apply filters to profiles to censor content it deems inappropriate.
  15. While we work hard to promote the World Directory of Hypnosis Practitioners, we cannot promise an increase in clients or business as a result of using our services. If you are not satisfied with a Premium listing, you may downgrade to a free listing after being invoiced for your second year.
  16. Links to Practioner websites are subject to review and approval or removal if their credentials fail to meet the qualifications specified in terms a, b, d, e, and f (if applicable).
  17. If you forget your password (used for updating your listing), send an email to roy@royhunter.com for instructions on how to reset it. Unless the email originates from the email on file with The Service, additional verification will be necessary in order to protect you from being impersonated by a hacker.

Listing Order:

The listing order is:
Qualified Trainers certified to teach parts therapy or ego state therapy (purple bar).
Premium members who also are trained in parts therapy or ego state therapy (purple bar).
Premium members who are not yet trained in parts therapy or ego state therapy (blue bar).
Basic members, whether or not they are trained in parts therapy or ego state therapy (gray bar).

NOTE: Basic members only display name, city, state/country, link to email and link to website. Premium members are always displayed randomly above basic members within the Listing Order specified above, and display additional information provided by Practitioner at signup or by a later update.

Listing status:

Basic: Free listings are provided for a reciprocal link (no indication of training in parts therapy), and free listings provided for a reciprocal link with an indication of training in parts therapy or ego state therapy.

Premium: Paid listing provided for a fee of (US) $80.00 per year, with higher placement in the state/province or country where the practice is listed. If you have PayPal, you may send payment to
alliance@self-empowerment.tv – otherwise email for details on how to upgrade.

Broken Profiles
Blank or incomplete profiles (profiles that lack a promotional and/or 6 or more completed fields) may be relegated to the very bottom of the page, beneath all members. If this happens, as soon as a hypnotherapist completes the profile, the listing order will be restored.

Advertising in “Personalized message” box
The “Personalized message” box is where the hypnosis professionals who sign up as individual members may advertise their individual specialty areas, classes, and/or workshops, by mentioning them in the “Personalized message” box. These messages will only display in Premium listings. Members who wish to represent themselves as a clinic or a group (more than 1 hypnotherapist), may do so; but they must disclose this fact in the profile. Hypnosis professionals who are in the same clinic may be listed in the “Personalized message” box. In the event of a group Premium listing, no advertising of specialties may appear in the “Personalized message” box other than the names of the hypnotherapists in the clinic. The displayed website field for the group website does not count as advertising. Note that royhunter.com, at its discretion, will decide if a profile is in violation of this tenet.

Discounts for Premium Listings with Links to royhunter.com:
(Skip this section if not applicable)

Premium Customers may receive discounts to services for agreeing to place a link to royhunter.com on their website. Practitioners, at signup, must send an email to roy@royhunter.com and declare a webpage they will place this link on. Discount will vary based on location of link, and may be in the form of one or more free months.

The purpose of links is to advertise our brand on other websites. Note that royhunter.com does not purchase "link juice", and “no follow” tags are fully acceptable in links to our site. While we appreciate links that do not contain this tag, that choice is completely up to Practitioner. Discounts for links are simply to advertise our brand.

Discounts may vary based on PageRank of the link page. We use PageRank simply because it is the best mechanism we have to judge "traffic" on a Customer's site. Higher traffic sites have higher value for advertising, hence we offer a deeper discount. All links to royhunter.com for discounts or listings are subject to prior approval. The webmaster at royhunter.com may disapprove a discount if it deems the incoming link is from a harmful site or a website that is not conducive to royhunter.com's overall scope.

Premium Customers who receive discounts for putting web links to royhunter.com are obligated leave the link in-tact, and on the same page, unchanged. Should a change occur without notification to the webmaster at hypnotherapylist.com, the listing will be downgraded to a Basic listing without refund. A full year’s payment will become due immediately for reinstatement to Premium status if the listing has been active for six months or more; or prorated for six months or less. Premium Customers who receive discounts for web links agree that they have control over the website they placed the link on. Upon subscribing and receiving a discount for a link, royhunter.com will notify the Premium Customer the exact link text and the page the link should point to. The webmaster at royhunter.com may withhold customer upgrade activation until the link is placed and Practioner notifies royhunter.com by email at: alliance@self-empowerment.tv

The link must remain on Practioner's site for the entire discounted subscription period. The link must be of the same font size as other links on the page, and clearly visible. The link must not be in or below the copyright footer. The page our link is on must appear on the homepage in order to qualify for a 100% discount.

Premium Customers who wish to later move a link to a new page must obtain approval from the webmaster at royhunter.com. We generally approve of moving links, so long as the new page has an equal pagerank.

The discount is based upon the intial pagerank of Practioner page when the discount is applied, regardless of whether the pagerank changes, whether higher or lower, and whether or not the link is on the home page. Discounts may be recalculated yearly, but are permanent so long as pagerank remains intact. Customers who receive discounts for a web link who violate this agreement will have their listing reduced to Basic or totally removed, in which case it is our option to ever reinstate the listing as Premium. Upon compliance (and our approval), a reinstatement fee of 50.00 will be applied. If Practioner does not comply and still wishes to be reinstated, Practioner will be obligated to pay back the entire discount retroactively, plus a $50.00 reinstatement fee.

Website Operations
On occasion, the website may be down for maintenance, updates, or unforeseen problems. While we make every attempt to keep the website operating smoothly at all times, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime, nor can we guarantee it will always run smoothly or without errors. By signing up for The Services, you agree to accept the inherent risk associated with running a website, that it may not always be operational, or without problems, errors, broken links, or other unforeseen issues, including those imposed by law. Refunds, including pro-rated refunds, or credited time are not granted for problems with website operations; although in an extreme and prolonged downtime, a free month may be granted at the option of The Services.

Limitations of Liability
In no event, including, without limitation, negligence, shall Alliance Self-Empowerment, Inc., royhunter.com, its owners, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, officers, directors, employees or partners ("we") be liable to you or any third party for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, those resulting from loss of use, data, or profits, whether or not "we" have been advised of the possibility of such damages and on any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with the use of or the inability to use this site, its services, or materials, the statements or actions of any third party on or through this site, any dealings with vendors or other third parties, any unauthorized access to or alteration of your data, any failure in the transmission of your data, any information that is sent or received or not sent or received, any failure to store or loss of data, files, or other content, any services available through the site that are delayed or interrupted, or any web site referenced or linked to or from this site, or contact and/or communication with any individual(s), or any loss, harm, costs, or damages resulting from your subscription to royhunter.com's services. You are responsible for keeping your password secure, and you may change it upon request.

Refund Policy for Premium Listings
No refunds or credits are granted for any reason after purchase of an upgrade to a Premium Listing except as specified below. Customers who are in compliance with our terms of service, who are then terminated by royhunter.com, are entitled to a pro-rated refund based on unused complete months. For any other reason, including your decision to terminate service, refunds are not granted. You agree that neither the staff of hypnotherapylist.com nor Alliance Self-Empowerment, Inc., shall be held responsible for any secondary costs incurred by you for the production of stationary, business cards, etc., as it relates to your listing or changes to your listing (including de-listing) or changes to services on the royhunter.com website. Should your address or contact information change, you are solely responsible for making said changes at:
www.royhunter.com/login.htm . You are also responsible to keep your password secure.

Content Submission (including articles at www.royhunter.com/articles.htm)

Practitioner is responsible for the legality of all written content and representations submitted to royhunter.com in a listing and/or in an article posted in the articles section. Practitioner agrees they are the original authors or creators of the content, and/or are the sole-copyright holder of the content, or that the content is public domain; and that the content, in being posted on the royhunter.com website is not in violation of any laws. You have the right to include a link to your site in a submitted article; but submission of an article does not guarantee posting. The staff at royhunter.com retains the right to edit articles for readability and/or recommend changes before posting same; and you grant permission to royhunter.com to post your submission at royhunter.com even if you have it copyrighted.

If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have exclusive rights to each article and all such content you submit.royhunter.com will immediately remove any content that is in violation of law, and customers who submit illegal content are subject to applicable laws, including termination of services without refund. All content submitted to royhunter.com, including that submitted for discounts, is subject to prior approval. You agree that any and all content submitted to royhunter.com, including articles, becomes the property of royhunter.com, except where prohibited by law; and that royhunter.com has permission to post same at the royhunter.com website. Content submitted to royhunter.com may be freely used in advertising, promotions, be published, or used in any other manner royhunter.com chooses, although you will receive recognition for your work, with your byline under the title of said article. You will not be paid for submitting your articles or content to our site and you will not be paid if and when your articles are ever published. You will retain full credit for your work, as well as the right to submit the same articles elsewhere.

Privacy and Personal Risk
You accept all risks associated with posting personal information (including your photo if that option becomes available), on the royhunter.com or hypnotherapylist.com website. You release all liability from Alliance Self-Empowerment, Inc., royhunter.com and its owners, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, officers, directors, employees or partners of direct or indirect, special or consequential damages, relating to the presence of your articles, photo and/or listing your information on this site. You understand that royhunter.com is a public website, and any information you submit to royhunter.com becomes available to the public. Additionally, royhunter.com has the right to promote and advertise its website, including advertising on other websites, fliers, commercials, audio, video, or in any other manner of advertising to promote itself.

royhunter.com uses email as its primary mechanism of communication. It is your responsibility to ensure your email address with royhunter.com is current. You agree that by signing up, royhunter.com may send out periodical emails from time to time as part of The Service.

Google Map and Bing Map Service (possible future service)
Customers who grant us permission to submit their practice to Google Maps agree that their physical address and phone number are valid contacts for their professional practice. You agree that by permitting us to submit your practice to Google Maps, we may also submit your practice to Bing Maps (www.bing.com) as well. This is a free and complimentary service designed to help hypnosis practitioners gain clients through us. We will use your contact address you give us on file, and your phone number. By giving us permission, we may or may not submit you to Google or Bing maps. While this service is currently free, we are not obligated to do so and whether or not we do is entirely up to us. We are not affiliated with Google or Bing.com in any way, and this agreement only represents a service by us, which is the time it takes for us to submit you to the Bing.com and Google public directory. Terminating your membership with royhunter.com will not cause us to remove you from Bing or Google maps. We have no affiliation with either Google or Microsoft.

Changes to This Document
royhunter.com may change this agreement and/or its terms of service at any time.

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Last revised: February 14, 2014

If you have any questions, please e-mail alliance@self-empowerment.tv
or *call us at 1-253-927-8888.
*Note: Due to extensive travel, phone messages might not be returned for several days.