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Roy's Professional Services:  Consulting or Coaching for self-hypnosis, hypnosis, or hypnotherapy...includes mentoring and/or private training!
Professional speaking and training: see Speaking/Training tab.
Also availble: editing of non-fiction books related to hypnosis.

Online Professional Mentoring Program:
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Professional Hypnotherapy, Consulting/Coaching or Mentoring IN PERSON:
Schedule personal time with Roy at his office in Milton, WA (near Seattle) May through October; or in the Las Vegas area from November through early April. One FREE 30-minute consultation is available for first-time hypnotherapy clients upon request. A $100 refundable deposit is required, refundable at time of visit or applied to full session, your choice. (Note that a cancellation less than 24 hours in advance results in only a 50% refund; and if you fail to show without calling, the deposit is forfeited.)

$100 Deposit

Obtain coaching and/or mentoring
  by phone or Skype, or by email in self-hypnosis for personal empowerment, and/or in the practice of professional hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotic regression therapy, or parts therapy… You may now invest in your ideal empowerment by personal contact with Roy Hunter by phone, email, or at his office near Seattle, Washington! Because of Roy’s busy calendar, his professional time with you must be scheduled in advance. See the terms below each option. UNDECIDED? 
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30 Minutes or less: $125 (US funds). Do you wish consulting for less than 30 minutes? 
Click the "Buy Now" button and contact Roy by email ( to schedule the call.

60 Minutes or less (more than 45): $250 (US funds). Schedule up to one hour with Roy Hunter for $250 (either in person or by phone). $100 deposit required to schedule, balance required at time of consulting.

$100 Deposit

Discounted longer sessions (consulting or professional mentoring): Roy is available for consulting, coaching, and/or professional mentoring for a 3-hour block (for $500), or for a full day, 9 hours including lunch (for $1200). These sessions must be in person. To schedule, call Roy at (1-253-927-8888) or email him ( Note that he resides near Las Vegas from November through March. A $200 deposit is required in order to schedule, with the balance due at time of service. A 48-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule, otherwise half of the deposit is forfeit. If you fail to show for your appointment without calling to cancel, the entire deposit is retained.

$200 Deposit

Hypnosis professionals may schedule ONE FULL DAY with Roy Hunter (up to nine hours including lunch) for private coaching or training in any of the client-centered techniques Roy teaches, whether for personal motivation, professional motivation, and/or the practice of hypnotherapy – including regression, parts therapy coaching, etc. The same rates and rules apply that are disclosed above for Discounted Longer Sessions, except that 4-hour blocks are available for $600. Small groups of hypnosis professionals may schedule together and split the cost. 

Coaching by email: $80 (US funds) - Introductory rate
Get a faster response by email! Ask one or two questions and/or state your concern by email. Receive a reply of approximately 500 words or less. If you wish a longer reply, or have three or more questions, 
you may invest in more than one block of 500 words. Once you submit your payment, 
you may then submit your question(s) or concern to Roy (

email mentoring

Professional Speaking and Training: click here:

Professional Editing of your book

Roy is available to help you prepare your non-fiction book about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, or hypnotherapy for a publisher. Rates very, based on the amount of work involved...and can involve a portion of royalties to reduce upfront costs. Email him at roy[at] for more details (the [at] = @).

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If you prefer to telephone my office to request professional time, please be prepared to provide a VISA or MasterCard number for a deposit. If you get my voicemail, please include your phone number if you wish a return call. Note that if I am teaching overseas, it may be two weeks before your call is returned; however, I check my email anywhere I travel. If you wish to schedule by email, you may prepay online using my PayPal account (alliance@self-empowerment) and then email me; or make a deposit by using the appropriate PayPal button above. You may also use "snail mail" and pay your deposit by check or money order in US funds.

IMPORTANT: Please note that your appointment time will not be scheduled until the check clears, due to scammers sending fraudulent cashiers checks. Send to:

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